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Focus On Listening With All of Your Senses

Our Divine Download for June 30, 2021 is Koala/Empathy reminding us to "Speak less and Listen More" from the Power Animal Oracle Cards. Our world is filled with words. Just SO many words. ALL of the time. About ALL of the things. Literally everything. There are so many words at play, surrounding us, swirling around us, at any given moment that it is quite overwhelming and these words serve to distract us from our center of self, and from the silence that we need in order to connect with ourselves in this quiet, silent, center space. In fact, there are so many words at play at any given time that they actually distract us from not only being able to hear what is truly being said, but without that centered connection, to truly understand any of the words. We cannot have empathy without understanding. Challenge yourself today to see how many words you are contributing to the words at large. Do you need to say everything that you do? Can you find a way to speak less? Will you allow yourself to be comfortable with fewer words. Will you allow yourself to be comfortable with the silence? Can you make it a point today to speak as few times as possible, and only when absolutely necessary? When you speak less, you also allow your other senses to tune in better to the world around you. Listen closely with all of your senses, and especially your heart, and you will find your connection to others as well as to the outer world grows by leaps and bounds.

Stuck and stagnant energies within our chakra system can make it difficult, if not impossible to hear any of the words around us, much less the true communication of others. A Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading will remove any stuck and stagnant energies to ensure that you are hearing all that you need and want to. Book Your Flower Therapy oracle Card Reading Today: Book Your Session Here!


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