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Forgiveness is The Path Forward

Our Divine Download for May 19, 2022 is Oshun/Forgiveness from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Oshun i a Yoruba goddess and she comes in to acknowledge that you've been hurt, and she is here to help soothe and nurture your heart so that you can forgive. Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves. Give yourself that gift by allowing Oshun and her loving nature to nurture and guide you through the pain. Love for yourself will free you from the agony and pain experienced at the hands of others. Oshun helps to bolster our self love by shining the light on the beauty of who we are. Sunflowers are represented on her card as a sure sign of success, especially pertaining to seeds we are planting or which have been planted pertain to certain projects in our lives right now. These projects will bloom and grow especially as we move towards late summer and early fall, and they will actually grow bigger, hardier, and more substantial because of the pain that we have experienced. The loving energy of forgiveness and our own self-nurturing through the act of forgiving will also give these sunflowers extra room to bloom and grow even bigger, better, and much taller than we ever thought that they could. In situations where we may have felt that we were publicly shamed or embarrassed or experienced some sort of character assassination, the peacock feather on this card is a guarantee that forgiveness is the path towards public vindication. Our actions and our pure hearts will speak more loudly than the words of others. Shine like the energetic goddess you are and nurture yourself and your energy first and foremost and leave others to deal with themselves as they will.

Self forgiveness is just as important as forgiving others, if not more so, yet we often find it incredibly difficult to let ourselves off the hook for our perceived wrongs or mistakes. Thankfully our Angels are experts at guiding us through self forgiveness. Allow them to do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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