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Forward Thinking

Our Divine Download for October 5, 2020 is Happy Thoughts from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards reminding us "To feel happier right now, think about a memory or something else that makes you smile." It's hard to hold happy thoughts when we're in a near constant state of overwhelm. Between Pandemics, Elections, children's schooling needs, working from home, hybrid schedules, remote friendships, and the general state of our culture, it's really (REALLY!) hard not to be overwhelmed these days. So give yourself a break! This card isn't telling you to be all sunshine and rainbows all of the time. It's just not possible in our current human existence, because, well, life. But, what this card *IS* asking you to do is to have a little perspective. Most of us have lived in years other than 2020 and most of our previous years haven't been quite as challenging. But, most of us aren't choosing to focus there. Why not? It's that damn ego again! Our Ego says "well, it's like this now, and maybe it was like this before, so therefore to keep yourself safe, you should just expect that it's always going to be like this." We need to tell our ego friend to go take a hike. It will not always be like this. It won't. It. Will. Not. Because with very few exceptions, we just don't live in a world of absolutes of that nature. The reality is that even if your life has been complete and utter shit up until the very point in time that you are reading this (fact: it has not.), you have the power of free will choice to choose one teeny, tiny, little, itty, bitty, happier thought right in this moment. And Boom: just like that your whole future can't be complete and utter shit. That's how it works. The more we choose to seek out and find the positive, the more positive there will be to seek out and find. Yes, it's sometimes challenging. No, it's not always easy. But, it is so completely worth the investment of time and self discipline it takes to cultivate this shift in perception and thinking. You can do it. You're reading this, so in fact you ARE doing it. And, there truly is no greater investment in self that you can make than to cultivate control over your thinking.

If you struggle with mindfulness and getting a grasp on your stinkin' thinkin', your Angels will joyfully help you break those patterns and lovingly guide you towards new ones during a 60 Minute Angel Reading Session. Book a Session!

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