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Free Your Mind (And The Rest Will Follow)

Our Divine Download for July 10, 2023 is Liberate/Prairie Smoke with the message "What reminds me I'm FREE?" from the Prairie Magic Oracle. This is a message that the only thing that holds us hostage or binds us is our own thoughts and our own choices. We have the ability to liberate ourselves from the ties that bind, and the confines of the prisons of our own mind and our own making each and every single day. To do so our directive is to focus on what we CAN do and what we CAN control and those things in which we DO have choices. Truth be told, we have choices over absolutely everything in our lives, but we don't always see them because sometimes we need to re-frame our thinking around said choices. Which is far from easy. Especially when we live in a society which has conditioned us to do essentially exactly the opposite and focus on the rules and regulations and all of the ways we feel boxed in, trapped, and anything but liberated. We also tend to think that we "don't have a choice" when we don't necessarily like the choices we do have. So, what does remind you that you are free? What reminds you that you have limitless and abundant choices in your life? What makes you feel most liberated? If you don't know, then what will you do to figure it out? What choices will you start to make where maybe you didn't realize that you had choice before? This discovery alone, and simply choosing to decide that you do in fact have choice can feel amazingly liberating. It's time to set yourself free from the prison of your own thoughts. It's time to liberate yourself!

Our Angels are experts when it comes to helping us re-frame our thoughts and will gladly do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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