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Free Yourself Through Forgiveness

Our Divine Download for January 3, 2021 is Forgiveness from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes. Oh boy, 2021 is not playing around with us and this is our first big signal that it is time for us to take complete personal responsibility for ALL of our life circumstances. Forgiveness is always one of those cards that elicits groans-a-plenty from my clients. BUT, that's because most people think that the act of forgiving has to do with the person that you need to forgive. And it does not. It absolutely does not. Nope. Negative. Never. Forgiveness is ALL about you. It's about how YOU choose to feel within a particular dynamic, and really within your life moving forward. If is about whether or not YOU to choose to continue to give your energy away to the other person by holding them in the energy of unforgiveness (Pro-tip: it's REALLY draining to do so!) It's about whether or not YOU are willing to acknowledge that you will not forget what they have done, but you are no longer choosing to hold them or their actions in resentment. The truth of the matter is that when you refuse to forgive someone, you still want something from that person, and even if it is revenge that you want, it keeps you tied to that person forever (borrowed from Read that again. What is it that you want from the person that you're unwilling to forgive? Do you really, truly, honestly want to be tied to them forever? These are important questions and it's time for you to get really, really, really, painfully honest with yourself in answering them. If you do still want something from this person, how has it been working out for you assigning them to meet and fill your need thus far? Is this person even capable of meeting the need you have assigned them to fill? If this person has required your forgiveness on a habitual basis, and you are choosing not to forgive them, why is it that you wish to remain tied to someone who has hurt you over and over again? Is this really in your best interest? Is this honestly on your path towards joy? Being willing to honestly look at an honestly answer these questions isn't easy, and it isn't always fun. But it can be SO very liberating. And that is the point of forgiveness: to liberate you from hurt and pain! Are you ready to be free? Are you able to forgive yourself to allow yourself this freedom? We are being told that it's not going to work for us to carry ANY of the lack of forgiveness with us through 2021. So it's time to do the work. The deep seated forgiveness work. It's time to forgive yourself, your loved ones, your friends, your enemies, your co-workers, the government (on all levels, not just the ones you do or don't agree with), the virus. It's time. It's not serving us to carry this with us. So lean it, belly up to the necessary honesty, and free yourself through forgiveness.

With certain people and certain experiences, usually those tied to our family or origin or ancestral line, forgiveness isn't quite enough to liberate us from the dysfunctional patterns which keep us stuck and bound to these people and these dynamics. Consider an energetic cord cutting which only cuts the negative cords of attachment to liberate yourself on the deepest levels in 2021. Book Yours Here!


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