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Get Ready To Take Flight!

Our Divine Download for June 13, 2024 is Better Than Your Can Imagine/Dragonfly from The Animal Apothecary. Before Dragonfly becomes her most authentic self, she spends about four years underwater as a creepy little nymph creature. The Dragonfly-Nymph has no comprehension of her greatness. How could a creature that lives underwater even remotely fathom that there existed an atmosphere she had no perception of, which she would not only live in, but fly in as well? Dragonfly brings a sacred message about your belief in your future self. She says your perception of reality is quite limited and naive, and your image of your future self is incredibly narrow, but that's okay! Just be aware of this. If you have a dream, Dragonfly is telling you that all you have to do is work on it, and life will do the rest for you. Don't try to figure out what it's supposed to look like with your limited perceptions. Don't look at setbacks as the end of the world; they were meant to happen to propel and stretch you. Just keep working on your dream, and life will create something so much bigger than you have the ability to currently understand. Dragonfly's medicine teaches you to first surrender your need for something to be like the limited view in your head. Second, have absolute trust that life will deliver something greater. Third, be patient (yeah, I know, I said the "p-word...") Last, get excited that something bigger than your dreams is destined for you!

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