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Get Your Midas Touch On!

Our Divine Download for January 21, 2022 is The King of Earth from Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, the King of Earth would be the King of Coins, King of Pentacles, King of Autumn, and the King of Archangel Ariel. When Earth cards come up, they talk about everything that sustains us on the Earth plane, and usually money, health, and time and there three which receive the most lip service. The King of Earth is a pretty stand up guy: he's prosperous, generous, and successful. This is one successful dude who lets us know that all of our plans are blessed right now. This is a time of great prosperity and success. So, if you have had any concerns about money, The King of Earth insists that you go ahead and drop those like a hot potato. You are entering into a time and surrounded by an energy where money flows smoothly and effortlessly. Promotions and very positive changes in your job are possible. You may even have an unexpected career opportunity come in for you which seems to pop up out of nowhere and our King of Earth insists that you confidently accept all opportunities that come up for you right now because only good can and will come from these opportunities and your alignment with them. Your Angel Message from the King of Earth is "You have the Midas touch right now, and every opportunity you seize will turn to gold (just like that generous and loving heart of yours). The Universe is going to shower you with amazing blessings, and no one is more deserving. Enjoy every moment of it!" So seize the day and every opportunity that comes your way and make sure that you use your Midas touch exclusively for good and not evil! ;)

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