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Gift Yourself Some Appreciation

Our Divine Download for September 8, 2021 is You Are Gifted from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards bringing you the message "You are very intelligent and talented." #truth You absolutely ARE gifted! You absolutely ARE very intelligent. You absolutely ARE talented. #facts So when was the last time that you gave yourself some acknowledgement, and even some appreciation for just how gifted you are? When was the last time that you celebrated your gifts and all that you have accomplished because of them? Will you give yourself permission to celebrate yourself at least in some small way today? How will that look for you? When we connect with ourselves and acknowledge the truth of our own gifts, that which us makes us special and unique, we honor ourselves and move more in alignment with our life purpose. Our life purpose doesn't have anything to do with comparing ourselves to others and it does us absolutely no good to do so. If anything, comparing ourselves to others only causes us to doubt, ignore, or lose perspective with our own gifts. We never know outside looking in at someone else just what they may consider a blessing or a curse about their own gifts. So it's always much better, safer, and easier to focus on what we know to be true about our own gifts. Have you taken an inventory of your own gifts recently? Like actually written them down? In gratitude? If you haven't, it might be something worth doing to help you connect with those often overlooked parts of yourself. When you recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate your gifts, it really allows you to better utilize them in a much more integrated way. Make today the day you celebrate and appreciate yourself for all of your unique and wonderful gifts and talents!

It can feel challenging and uncomfortable to acknowledge and appreciate your unique gifts if you have been in a pattern of denying and ignoring those gifts. Your Angels will gladly help you realize your gifts and talents, and may even offer suggestions as to how to use them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Yours Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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