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Go With the Flow!

Our Divine Download for April 2, 2022 is Ocean/Ebb and Flow from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Nothing demonstrates the ebb and flow of life and energy as clearly as the ocean. The ocean is obviously water, one of our natural elements, and it covers 70% of the Earth, just like our bodies are composed of 70% water. Probably not a coincidence ;) The water element is tied to and represents our emotions and this card is alerting us that we have been fighting the ebb and flow of our own feelings. We deny our hurt anger and sorrow by either attaching ourselves to it and nurturing it, to grow it into something it was meant to be, or by trying to smooth over these more intense feelings by whatever we consider more "practical" responses, therefore dying and hiding what is going on beneath the surface of our expression. When we try to keep ourselves from experiencing our emotions in their natural order, rhythm, and flow, it is very much like trying to contain or control the tides of the ocean. It doesn't work. And most attempts to mess with, contain, or control the ocean tides actually cause them to be more forceful than had they just been left to flow naturally. Our guidance is to allow ourselves to swim with the variations of the ebb and flow of our emotions rather than resisting them. So swim and float on!

Just like our emotions energy also ebbs and flows in our bodies and when we try to alter or control this natural flow, we can create blocks and restrictions and general dis-ease. An Integrative Reiki Session will help balance your physical and energetic bodies and allow you to better go with the flow. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session HERE: Book Your Session HERE!


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