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Go Within To Grow

Our Divine Download for July 6, 2021 is The Hermit from Fairy Tarot Cards. The Hermit is yet another major arcana card and asks us to turn inward and focus on what is happening within us, rather than anything that may be happening or swirling around outside of ourselves. From this place of introspection, we are also be asked to prioritize our spiritual growth. When was the last time that you took a spiritual inventory? What are some of your spiritual goals? Are you paying as much attention to your spirituality and your spiritual life as you do to other areas of your life? If not, why not? What are you choosing to prioritize over your spirituality? We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and as such, our spirituality and our spiritual growth really aren't just important aspects of our lives, but are essentially the MOST important facet of our lives. It's literally why we are here, why we exist. Our society doesn't leave much time or space to prioritize our true spiritual nature and certainly doesn't do much to prioritize spiritual growth. Which is probably why it's such a damn mess! We may not have grown up in environments that encouraged us or taught us to pay any attention to our spiritual nature. And that is okay, because it is never too late to start. Part of the theme of The Hermit card is to seek out spiritual teachers or mentors to guide us with their light, and show us the way, until we're ready to ascend further up our own spiritual paths and graduate to new and different teachers and different types of light. At some point on our path, if not now, we will also be called to shine the light of spirituality for others, if for no other reason than to lead by our example. So consider this card a call to action to perform a spiritual check up and tune up on yourself. Go within. Spend some time with yourself. Seek the quiet and the still that feeds your spirit.

Our Angels are our best possible spiritual mentors and are ready, willing, and able to provide us with a spiritual temperature check, and specific action steps to guide us in growing our spirituality in the best possible direction. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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