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Gracefully Embrace & Explore The Other World

Our Divine Download for June 30, 2022 is Hind/Eilid embodying the keywords subtlety, gracefulness, and femininity from The Druid Animal Oracle. Whether you are male or female, opening to the gentleness and grace of the feminine principle will enable you to achieve a greater degree of sophistication, subtlety and elegance in the best possible sense of these terms. Deer, including the white hind in particular, are said to call to us from the other world, from the realm of the Faery, and invite us to look beyond the material, beyond the superficialities of life, and towards the heart of things, to embrace the realm of causes rather than than effects. Hind invites us and encourages us to begin an exploration of the spiritual dimension of life. Hind insists that we be less self-effacing and focus on becoming more assertive instead of allowing ourselves to adapt to the world around us and blend into the background of our current circumstances. Hind encourages us to balance our exploration of the other world and warns not to become obsessive or preoccupied with our explorations. It is equally important for us to focus our awareness on our everyday life as well. When there is a greater need to focus outwardly rather than on the other world, hind assures you that you will not lose touch with that which you have discovered and embraced within the other world. The magic of the other world, signified by the hind is always waiting for us, on the borders of our conscious awareness.

Our Angels can provide us some safe and simple guidance and direction as we embrace and explore the other world and will gladly do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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