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Grief Is Your Gateway to Love

Our Divine Download for October 22, 2021 is Grief from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. The green cards in this deck have to do with the fourth chakra and correspond to matters of the heart with the overall impression of love. The fourth chakra reminds us that when it comes to manifesting, we are always blocked if our heart is not in it. The fourth chakra strips away everything else and looks at the true heart of the matter and evaluates whether or not your heart is truly invested in the actions that you are willing to take. The grief card alerts us that grief is simply love without a place to go. Our capacity to love is so big and so deep, as is our capacity for grief when that love turns to grief. What we reveal, we can heal. Grief takes time, not to change, not to go away, not to heal, but to assimilate the differences that become tangible through loss and grief. It doesn't get better, it just becomes different, as do we because it changes us. Grief is the affliction of the living. In time, you will love again, though you may love differently, for better or for worse. If you honor your pain by giving it the grace and space to be experienced it will change your life, as it is meant to. Grief is not exclusive to losses which occur through death. Anything lost can be grieved, though we rarely take the time to feel our way through our grief or out the other time. Grief is meant to be transformative - what transformations are you denying yourself by refusing to feel your way through your grief? Ask yourself if grief of any kind is preventing you from progress? What do you see in your own heat? We've all lost something in the past few years, but grief over what was lost is a luxury which many of us simply did not have. This card alerts us that it is time to make time, to make space for our grief and subsequent transformation because through that grief, greater love is on the horizon.

We often confuse grief and regret, though the two frequently go hand in hand. Mediumship Readings are helpful to forge the connection with those who we have lost from the earth plane, especially when we have guilt and regret that are hindering the full expression of our grief. Book Your Mediumship Reading Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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