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Grieve In Time

Our Divine Download for April 20, 2023 is Forest Tears from the Earthcraft Oracle. This is a card of grief, and an acknowledgement for your that there are things in your life which you need to take the time and put the effort into actively grieving. Even trees cry when they're hurt, and when it does it seeps forest tears, or tree resin. The resin covers the wounds and hardens, allowing the tree the time and protections it needs to heal. The tree's inner knowing, or divine intelligence knows how much resin it needs to feel safe and whole again. This card is a reminder that we all grieve and heal in different ways, but that we must grieve before the true healing process can begin. Is there a loss you have experienced that still needs mourning? Have you been avoiding the grieving process? Others may expect you to heal in a time frame that they determine to be healthy or appropriate, and that might be true, for them. You may have been told or shown that you should move on or even that the way to do so is to bury your emotions (cuz that every works, insert dramatic eye roll). Perhaps others have made you feel as though you've moved on too quickly or that you didn't take your situation seriously enough, and now you feel pressured to stay in a healing space longer than you feel is necessary. Another person's experience is theirs and not a measure of your own. You can heal as quickly or as slowly as you like, or as you need. There is never a linear or perfect path or time frame through grief. Your pace, whatever that might be, is exactly what you need. So honor your own needs and your own progress and allow yourself to be where you are.

Grief can take a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual toll on our bodies and an Integrative Reiki Session can help bring some healing to our entire being and support us in our grief. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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