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Ground and Flow

Our Divine Download for November 18, 2020 is The Ways of Water/White Willow from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. White Willow asks us to root into the Earth and allow our emotions to flow through us just as water flows over the Earth. Without a substantial and expansive root system anchoring us to the Earth for support, we might find ourselves getting tossed about like delicate willow branches in the storm of our own emotions of those of others. This partnership of Earth and water is necessary to allow our emotions to flow with appropriate balance and fluidity. Without these roots and this grounding, the water of our emotions just tends to sit on the surface and become stagnant and dis-ease infested as it has nowhere to go and therefore no ability to flow. Emotions are not meant to be stagnant and need to flow in order to be let go (pro-tip: it is not necessary or helpful to hold on to any one emotion for all of time!) Sometimes this stagnancy can occur from disassociating or confusing our thoughts with our emotions, and most of us have a tendency to overthink and try to process our emotions from a cerebral space rather than from the necessary watery emotional place. Too much cerebral energy just blows around the labels that we assign to our emotions and replaying those same labels and those words over and over again does not encompass processing emotions. You cannot think your emotions away. You can not process them through cerebral energy. You will not always understand them. But in allowing them to flow freely by grounding yourself into the Earth, you build in emotional strength and safety. The White Willow may look delicate and even fragile above the surface, but her root system that connects and anchors her into the Earth is strong as hell! It is those roots, which are every bit a part of White Willow as what appears above the surface, which allow the water to flow down and through her reaffirming her connection to the Earth as it does. This is why it is essential for us to be thoroughly and properly grounded in order to allow our emotions to flow freely through us. When we're stuck in the cerebral air energy of thinking about our emotions, we are neither grounded or allowing free flow. Allow the White Willlow to be your helper and your guide as you mimic her healthy flowing ways.

Emotions can be hard to process and it's not super easy to break our past patterns of not flowing and grounding into the Earth. A Back to Basics Session can help us identify and break those patterns and provide simple action steps to secure better connection and flow. Book a Session!

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