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Ground Yourself For Better Connection

Our Divine Download for March 3, 2024 is Ground Yourself from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle. When we are not grounded (and it is SO very easy to become ungrounded) we are actually less connected to spirit and things do not flow as easily or as well in our lives. This might seem a little bit backwards to us because it may feel as if we are more apt to be tuned in the higher that we float, or the less grounded that we are. But we actually NEED to be grounded, to be rooted, and connected with the Earth in order to best and most accurately support and connect with our own heart centers, which in turn allows us to connect most easily with all of the divine. When we are not grounded, all of that amazing divine energy has no place to go when it cannot flow through us as the circuit of universal energy is designed to do. Universal energy is BIG and it's a big deal to be able to channel it and interact with it, but we also have to have an appropriate outlet for it and like it or not there is a reason that our souls chose to walk around in these meat suits at this point in time. Our human bodies withstand a lot and take a LOT of abuse, and as such, they aren't always the most fun or comfortable places to be. We also have a tendency to check out of our bodies in order to avoid feeling our emotions (which I promise you never works in the long run and is a shoddy temporary solution at best). Our emotions, just like our intuition are meant to flow through us and it is easier for them to do so when we are grounded. What does it look like to you to be grounded? What helps ground you best? What do you need to do in order to prioritize being grounded each day? Whatever it is, do it. Do it now and do it as often as it takes for you to embrace a more grounded state of being.

An Integrative Reiki Session is a lovely way for you to experience a different type of grounding energy and be present in your physical body. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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