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Happy Thoughts Lead To Your Best Life

Our Divine Download for January 13, 2023 is Happy Thoughts from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. Ah, yes. We're being guided to pay a little bit more attention to what is on our mind and where and how we are spending and investing our cerebral energy. So often, we don't even pay much attention to our thoughts. But our thoughts lead to our manifestations and our manifestations create our reality within our lives. So we might want to tune into what is going on between our ears just a bit more. If you don't love what you are thinking about, especially if you find yourself stuck in certain thought patterns that could be described as "over thinking" or even "stinkin' thinking" (cuz we never end up doing any of that lol), then it's time to make a change with your thinking. It's time to seek out alternate perspectives. It's time to show your mind who's boss and to be the bad ass boss that you are. This isn't an all or nothing endeavor and you're not being told that if you have a negative thought it's going to ruin your entire life. It's more about being aware and choosing to be mindful of what is taking up the energetic space and intention within your mind and your thoughts. So when you do find yourself thinking thoughts that are not in line with what you want or what you're trying to manifest in your life, a simple statement to yourself, or even out loud to the universe of "Cancel, Clear, Delete" or something similar can really go a long way to changing and rewiring those neuro pathways. Focus on what you want mindfully and with intention. Focus on the happiness that you want in your life if it isn't here right at this very moment. And manifest the shit out of that!

Our negative thoughts and thought patterns can get stuck in our physical bodies when they're allowed to run rampant and this can be what causes dis-ease. An Integrative Reiki session can shake loose any lingering or latent negative thoughts to bring better balance to our bodies and create more space for happy thoughts and experiences to live. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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