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Heavenly Ideas & Inspirations

Our Divine Download for December 15, 2021 is Ideas & Inspiration from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Our Angels are asking us to pay close attention to new thoughts and ideas that come to us now. These are more than just your garden variety simple idea. Rather, they are seeds of co-creation with the universe! We cannot plant these seeds if we are not paying attention to them! The Universe speaks to us through our thoughts, and this card shows that the angels want you to notice and follow the ideas that you have recently received. Often these inspired thoughts are our answers to our recent prayers for help and guidance. We are being asked to acknowledge these for what they are and not discount them as coincidence or our imagination. This card should be an affirmation of your divine connection and bolster your confidence in your ability to connect and receive these delightful divinely inspired ideas and inspirations. Our Angels also remind us that wherever we feel stuck, stagnant or out of ideas, we are making things harder than they have to be by trying to go it alone. We are not meant to, nor were we ever meant to, figure things out all on our own. When we feel stuck, stagnant, or plain out of ideas, this is exactly the time when we should ask our angels for their help, support and inspiration. We're meant to co-create with the universe and we can't do that if we keep trying to grab the controls away from our co-pilots.

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