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Honor The Kind & Loving Nature of Yourself & Others

Our Divine Download for July 6, 2023 is Honoring/I Am Kind and Loving from The Divine Beloved Oracle Cards. We live in a pretty harsh world and sufficed to say we do not typically see the kind and loving sides of most people's personalities. The truth of the matter is that most people by nature are good. It may not seem like it, but this is simply how we were created. When we deny the kind and loving parts of those around us, we also disconnect from the kind and loving parts of ourselves. The more we honor the kind and loving parts of ourselves (which goes back to the Spiritual Truth of who we are and honoring our Authenticity and our Divinity), the easier it becomes to see and honor the kind and loving nature in others and realize that people aren't just bad, or assholes, but perhaps they are dealing with challenging circumstances and haven't learned the skills not to be reactionary within the circumstances they find themselves (remember, we're all here to learn, and we're very much all still learning!) Can you challenge yourself to honor your kind and loving nature? Will you? How will you do so? Can you challenge yourself further to honor the kind and loving nature of others? Will you? How will you do that? You don't need to have the answers right now as simply holding the awareness in the back of your mind will bring divine guidance which will all the answers to come in for you. Kindly and lovingly. And so it is.

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