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Honor The Truth of Your Sacred Inner Space

Our Divine Download for November 22, 2022 is Sacred Inner Space/Sacral Chakra, Tenderness, Sensuality from The Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. Our Sacral Chakra is our center of creation and as such is also all about moving forward. This card tells us that in order to move meaningfully forward at this time, we have to go within, to connect with our sacred inner space in order to best move forward and co-create with the universe at this time. We need to also connect with our dreams and have a clear vision of where we are moving, what we are moving towards, and what we want to create, in order to be able to move. None of that information comes from external stimuli or sources, but all of those answers and so much more exist within our sacred inner space. This card shows up as a gateway to your sacred self. This is your opportunity to recognize the most tender and vulnerable aspects of yourself and to realize that those are the spaces within you which actually hold the most power. As you honor the sacredness within yourself, reclaim any parts of yourself that you have disconnected from or abandoned. If you wish to experience more love and belonging, look within and find those energies within your sacred inner space. There is a huge and profoundly powerful lesson of finding love within yourself. This is also a time for you to recognize the false narratives that have been floating around your energetic field, and those stories that have disconnected you from expressing yourself authentically. This card is here to remind you that you are beautiful and even more importantly, you are here to create beauty in the world. When you recognize that you hold the power of the universe within yourself, that is when you will find your flow.

When you have been having trouble moving forward and with your own creative sense, it may be due to energetic blockages or imbalances which exist within your chakra system An Integrative Reiki Session will clear any blockages and balance your chakra system, including your sacral chakra. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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