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Hydrate & Flow

Our Divine Download for December 5, 2022 is Hydration from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards. When hydration comes up for us, obviously this is a sign that we need to be more mindful of our fluid, and specifically our water intake. We are made up of lots of water, but water is also what helps us go with the flow and stay in the flow. Water is essential to us not just to keep our physical bodies functioning optimally, but also to protect and balance our energetic and emotional bodies as well. We are at a stage in our lives where we need water right now more so than we have at other past stages of our life. It can be helpful to submerge our bodies in water either in the ocean, lake, rivers, pools, float tanks, or baths. Even soaking our feet in water (and maybe a little epsom salts bonus) can be extra balancing for us at this time. Any way that we can interact with the water element can help bring us balance at this time. This can include adding a table top fountain or aquarium to our living or working space, eating foods with a higher water content, dressing in watery types of colors like blues and greens, decorating in those same watery colors, and even adding art that features images of water to our living space. We are in need of extra water right now to help us be in and stay in the flow of the universe. So bottoms up, and flow on!

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