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I Can See Clearly Now...

Our Divine Download for March 13, 2024 is Vision from the She Sirens Oracle. We are being put on notice that we need to pay attention to our vision at this time. This might be our literal vision (perhaps it is time to schedule that eye exam that we've been putting off) but it is more likely that we are talking about our inner vision and our inner knowing and more focused on the vision that comes through our intuition, our proverbial third eye. It could be that we have come to a time in our spiritual growth where our intuitive vision is going to be leveling up and as it does we may be seeing things very differently (and seeing very different things) than we have ever seen before. And that's okay! It doesn't have to be weird or scary, unless we choose to look at our intuitive vision through those particular lenses. When it comes to vision of all types, we always "see" through the veil of our own lens of perception, whether that be physical or intuitivne vision. It is learning to interpret what we see in all of the ways that is the trick. The societal hypnosis no longer has the same effect on you, and you can see clearly now (you've always been able to, you just forgot). Trust your vision - let it land in your heart and let it be your power source and guiding force as you co-create a NEW vision. Because it's time. It is time for you to re-vision what comes next. Affirm "I am re-visioning what comes next!" And so it is!

When we have been seeing through the eyes of others for a long time, it can sometimes be necessary to do an Energetic Cord Cutting to clear the negative cords of attachment that have been clouding our vision. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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