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Ignite Your Purpose

Our Divine Download for April 14, 2023 is Spirit of the South from the Earthcraft Oracle. The Spirit of the South is connected to the element of fire and initiates you to the energy of expansion, radiance, action, excitement, and rapid change. It is time for you to head toward your soul's purpose without further delay or distraction. Every single one of us has a purpose to fulfill. The universe gives us messages, and even little nudges guiding us as to which direction we should take. When we have an awareness of these messages and act accordingly, we can best channel the Spirit of the South in a healthy, productive way, in order to not get burned. The universe always gives us plenty of time to change directions when we fall off course. But, when we ignore these nudges, and the warnings, the universe will step in and burn through anything which leads us astray or keeps us off course. You have received this card as a warning that some changes must occur in your life. If you continue to ignore these warnings, the Spirit of the South will manifest in your life as chaos and destruction until you come back to your purpose. Embrace the gifts of the South and you will find the motivation and fiery passion to burn straight through your obstacles. When you work with the energy of the Spirit of the South, it can light a fire under your ass and in your life which will keep you on the course and in line with your divine right purpose, if you simply set that intention and ask it to. Harness the energy of the fire it offers and burn through anything that is in your way, and light you up for the great things that lie ahead of you.

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