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Imagine Yourself Creative

Our Divine Download for December 6, 2020 is Seal/Imagination from the Power Animal Oracle Cards bringing us the message "Immerse yourself in artistic and creative expression." The term creativity is one in which a lot of people become hung up. Many of us do not believe that we are creative by nature, which is nonsense. We limit the concept of being creative to those who are artists by trade or committed hobby like painters, sculptors, dancers, writers, etc. But, we are ALL creative by nature! We were all born out of the energy of creation. Fact. We all harbor the potential for that energy within us on a cellular level. But we have to get out of our own ways and shed the conventional judgments of society and even ourselves in order to find our innate creativity. Our imagination is the gateway to connecting to our creativity and our subconscious mind is the playground for our imagination. Imagination exists most meaningfully and most vividly in surrendering to the creative and imaginative impulse that's begging you to be expressed right now. How does it need to be expressed? How does it want to be expressed? Can you get out of your own way and allow it to be expressed in it's full creative nature? Imagination and creativity are the food, the fuel for our heart and soul. They literally move us forward. They keep hope alive within us and encourage us to embrace our full authentic potential. Who are we to judge that? Who are we to block that? Who are we to say no to that? Challenge yourself to stretch and to relieve yourself of any underlying judgments and restrictions, any labels and limits you have placed on your innate creative nature. Lean into the imaginative space and your own imaginative process. Connect imagination and creative expression and allow them to be part of you, to flow through you, further connecting you with the creative expression of the Universal whole. This cannot be put off any longer. Imagine your way to your best life with the most creative and expressive version of you.

We can become disconnected from our innate creativity and imagination for different reasons and at different points in our lives, but they are so very important to keep us moving forward on our divine rite paths. Our Angels will gladly help us reconnect to those parts of our nature during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here!


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