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Infinite Potential

Our Divine Download for September 5, 2020 is Potential/Volcano at Rest from the Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. How big, how wide, how deep, how kinetic is your potential? You'll notice that the volcano on the card does not gain it's potential from what it is, how it is built on the outside, but rather, what happens inside of it. DEEP down inside of it. That is where her potential lies, and that is where your potential exists as well. As a matter of fact, the features which are so noticeable on the outside of the volcano have only come from, only been deposited, only exist because they were generated from within. This is true for you as well. It's time for you to not only recognize and acknowledge your potential, but to activate it as well! Activating your potential allows you to step into your strength. It aligns you with all that you truly are and connects you with the strength of the entire Universe, which always has your back, and is always at your disposal. YOU have incredible, untapped potential. Some of it you have allowed to simmer on the back burners of your life, other potentialities are still as of yet unrealized. In an infinite Universe, why would you think that you have anything other than infinite potential? As above, so below. As within, so without. Allow your potential to flow like lava. Allow it to burst forth in all of it's strength and all of its glory. You have profound spiritual power deep within you - do not doubt your capability, do not doubt your own authority over your potential. If your inner volcano feels dormant right now, it could be that there are challenging emotions which have gone unexpressed for too long creating emotional stress where there should only be the inner pressure that exists prior to great expansion. Make sure that you find an appropriate way to recognize, harness, and express the power of these uncomfortable or challenging emotions because you do not want your forthcoming eruption to be an emotional explosion. You're on the verge. You're coming into your own. You're coming out into the Universe. It's time to accept and realize your true potential. Your full potential. Let it flow!

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