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Invite Compassion & Curiosity

Our Divine Download for May 22, 2023 is Quan Yin The Goddess of Compassion with the message "I recognize suffering in order to release it. Curiosity breeds compassion." from The Divine Feminine Oracle. Quan Yin is here to remind us to show compassion for all human beings, ourselves included. If we focused more on compassion, curiosity, and understanding, and less on differences, and division, can you imagine the difference that it would make it our society?! Every single one of us has struggles and every single one of us experiences suffering. The only thing that varies is to what extent. If we were curious, rather than judgmental about what our fellow humans are of have gone through, it would be easier to recognize the commonalities which bind us together, rather than the differences that serve as divisions. As judgmental as we are of others, we are often far more, way more judgmental of ourselves. and Quan Yin also reminds us, gently, and lovingly, that simply doesn't serve us either. We need to be gentle with ourselves or we cannot possibly expect to possess the capacity to be so with others. Why do we judge ourselves so harshly? Why do we hold ourselves to such ridiculously high standards? How does that ultimately serve us or anyone else? Be mindful of your inner dialogue and next time you catch yourself being critical or judgmental, challenge yourself to invite curiosity as to why you have done what you have done or made the choices that you have made. You will find this particular form of self-reflection empowering!

It can be difficult to show ourselves compassion when we come from environments where it was rarely demonstrated to us or anyone else. Begin to show yourself some compassion through the self-care of an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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