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It's Already Happened!

Our Divine Download for June 11, 2024 is Prayer Answered/Buffalo from The Animal Apothecary. North American Plains Indian tribes revered the great buffalo. Buffalo provided the means for survival, and very little was wasted: buffalo was life. Sacred dance ceremonies were performed to honor Buffalo and ask for a successful hunt. In these ceremonies, dancers would become the buffalo spirit. The lesson of Buffalo is the importance of asking the Great Mystery for help through syncing your prayers with action to create abundance and success. Act as if your prayers have already been answered. When we act as though our prayers have been answered, we become a magnet for our prayers to manifest themselves in their physical forms. Let's say you are experiencing disunity and having a difficult time with a colleague. Your prayer is to resolve the issue and have unity between the two of you. Your prayer to the Great Mystery would be to ask for unity with your co-worker and then to act as if you already had it. This would look like being kind, respectful, and showing love to your co-worker immediately, regardless of whether the problem was resolved or not. This action is what would create the unity and eventually dissolve the issue. When Buffalo tramples into your spread, this medicine is confirmation that your prayers are being heard, but it is of the utmost importance that you stand in unwavering blind faith that they are coming to fruition. Endure the time and uncertainty because your deepest heart's desires will be manifested. Act like the person whose prayer has already been answered.

Our Angels understand that we often have a hard time surrendering our prayers to them and accepting that they are already manifest in spiritual truth. They will reassure us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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