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It's Safe For You To Be Authentically You

Our Divine Download for April 24, 2023 is Meadow/Vulnerability from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Meadows are all about beauty and nature and a natural openness. With openness comes vulnerability. This may be challenging or uncomfortable for some of us to experience as we may naturally prefer the perceived safety of being in an enclosed area. Meadow speaks to us of a vulnerability built on a foundation of trust rather than fear - the basis of which is the capacity to trust our own instincts to tell us if there are any potential threats we must respond to. By relying on our instinctual knowing, we can relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. You are in a place now where you can take risks with your feelings, and even more important, take risks with sharing the very truth of who you are - that truth that you know in your heart and in your soul. You no longer need to be subjected to your conditioned fears of letting others know who you really are. Even if others may judge, evaluate, criticize, or perhaps even put you down, trust that you have the strength to deal with these reactions. Rather than responding adaptively and always playing it safe like you have in the past, you can confidently allow yourself to be vulnerable. Always holding back from expressing your truth can create an illusion of safety, but armed with your trust and your faith, you can choose to be vulnerable and share your authentic self, and the full truth of your beauty with the world.

Flowers can help us connect with the truth of who we are through the innocence of nature and will gently and easily help us to remove energetic blocks during a Flower Therapy Healing Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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