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It's Time To Go Into The Out Now

Our Divine Download for May 19, 2024 is Cordelia/Go Outside from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the instructions "You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air." This is both literal and metaphorical. If you have found yourself stuck indoors more often than not, then right now, TODAY, is the day for you to get outside and embrace the nourishment, grounding, and wisdom that nature has to offer. The easiest and most effective way for us to feel connected to the divine, and to commune with the divine is to do so in nature because it reminds us of the spiritual truth of who and what we are and that we are merely a part of a much greater whole. But also, this card metaphorically talks about physically moving your environment, even temporarily, and that is in part to get out of your head (which is NOT the place that you want to be!) It may be that you are stuck in a pattern or a cycle of overthinking. It may be that you have been overly focused on seeking external validation. It may be that there is something, some sign that you are meant (and need) to see when you do move your physical location. This isn't necessarily talking about packing up and moving to a different physical residence, but movement to another environment is necessary. If you work from home, consider utilizing a different room if you are able or working remotely from a coffee shop or library. If you are in a physical work environment, sometimes even changing your posture or the direction that you are facing (if you are able to do so safely) can make all of the difference in the world. Take an honest assessment of your life and figure out what it is that you have been doing the same way or in the same location too long, and make whatever changes you can to rectify this. Even seemingly small changes can yield big results at this juncture.

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