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Laugh Your Way To Wholeness

Our Divine Download for May 3, 2022 is Uzume/Laughter from The Goddess Oracle Cards. Uzume comes to us bringing her silly dance into our lives to alert nus that our path towards better balance and greater wholeness comes through laughter. Laughter causes us to relax, enables us to gain perspective, and helps us to ease through our difficulties. Have you maybe been taking life a little too seriously? When is the last time that you had a good laugh? Are you able to laugh at yourself in a gentle, loving way? If life has been challenging you so fiercely that you find it hard to see the humor in your present situation, this is a sure fire sign that more laughter is called for in your life, stat! Uzume says that wholeness and perspective is gained when you choose to laugh and see the humor in all of life's challenges and situations. When you are struggling to laugh easily or authentically, you can trick your body into laughing by taking a deep breath and releasing it with a "ha, ha, ha" sound as your force the out breath. Take another deep breath and life your shoulders up and down three times as you forcefully exhale. On your third deep breath, move your shoulders up and down while your breath out with your "ha, ha, ha." You can trick your body and your nervous system into faking it until you make it by doing this at least once to several times a day. Once you have cultivated this laughter space, it becomes easier to connect with the energy of the real thing. Give yourself permission, as well as the time and the space to experience real, genuine laughter.

Sometimes serious stuck energies in our body can block our sense of humor and our receptivity to or ability to laugh. Balance the energies within and around your body during an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session HERE: Book Your Session HERE!

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