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Lead With Your Divine Feminine Energy

Our Divine Download for October 21, 2023 is Kalika Tantrika from the Kali Oracle. Our message from Kali is "Our wild mother goddess overcomes duality, resting in the sweet spot of integration, healing and creativity. She facilitates the overcoming of tension and conflict, birthing sacred solutions and evolution into greater bliss. Kalika Tantika is Kali, the tantric queen. She overcomes all karma, realigns pathways when we have veered off course, reverses the momentum of negative uses of free will, and detaches draining energy cords, restoring us to full vitality. Her presence announces significant change and positive improvment in all aspects of your life, especially your spiritual life." When Kalika Tantrika appears in a reading, it indicates a time when the feminine principle must be in the dominant position. This is not a declaration, indication, belief, or suggestion that the feminine is superior, simply that it is equal to the masculine, yet different, and that it is what is needed at this time. It is a recognition that the feminine is the holding and birthing energy. To shift from one way, paradigm or political structure, the feminine must lead. As Kali, she disrupts negative power structures and hold the space for something completely new to emerge from the rubble (there is a Plutonian vibe of the Phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes in this way as well). Now is the time to lean into having deep respect for your intuitive knowing and actions that are taken on the non-rational, yet deeply insightful instincts of the heart. It is absolutely not about being emotionally reactive as intuitive nature is not reactionary. This is about placing the Sacred Feminine in the leadership position and deconstruction the patriarchy. We practice this when we listen to our intuition with complete courage, rather than going against our inner knowing for the sake of would-be proverbial logic. It is time to lean into and express your Sacred Feminine energy like you never have before and in doing so you will change not only your world, but the world at large as well.

With the world that we live in being so dominated by masculine energy, it is easy to develop imbalances between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within our bodies and our energy centers. An Integrative Reiki Session will help restore balance to our divine masculine and feminine energies so that we may more easily lean into and lead from our divine feminine energy centers. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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