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Learn Your Truth, Live Your Purpose

Our Divine Download for January 21, 2024 is Truth is My Teacher from the Raise Your Vibration Oracle. When we reference or speak of truth in this context, we are referencing and speaking of spiritual truth. Believe it or not, before you were born, you chose to come to Earth. Not everything was set out or set up for you the way that you would have wanted it to be, but you did set the intention that you would leave this world in a better state than you found it. It is very likely that ever since you were young, you've searched for meaning and wanted to understand the greater mystery of life. This is why you spend time asking questions, developing your intuition, and opening up to the Universe in your spiritual practice. Everything that you have done and experienced in your lifetime has led you to where you are now. This moment is pivotal, crucial even. You may be wondering where to go from here. This card is the Universe inviting you to simply embody your truth. Your spiritual truth. The full spiritual reality of who you truly are and what you are here to do and to be. Your truth is who you are at your core. Let that truth rise up and out for the world to see and then you'll remember with greater clarity and long term vision why you are here. The Vibe of The Day with this card is "I let my truth reveal my purpose."

It is much easier to see and experience your truth when the energy in and around your body is balanced and aligned which can be done during an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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