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Let Anxiety Go

Our Divine Download for April 5, 2021 is Let Go of Anxiety/Lavender from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Anxiety is no joke. It can be soul crushing and cripple so many aspects of our lives. And because we live in such an in-your-face-instant-gratification type society, it often feels impossible to just stay in the present moment (where anxiety cannot exist) when everywhere we turn and everywhere we look, absolutely everything and everyone is screaming at us about the future. Sigh. Lavender is here to support us in letting go of anxiety. Lavender is a wonderful plant and makes one of the most amazing essential oils. It's sort of the jack-of-all-trades in the world of essential oils because regardless of your ailment or concern, lavender will probably address it. Plus, it smells good! (at least if you get a good quality essential oil, or good culitvars of the plant!) You can also eat lavender too. You can put it in desserts and salads, even eat it straight. When you're working with lavender, especially for anxiety, you want to work with the plant, the essential oil, or products that are made using pure therapeutic grade essential oils or organically sourced plant material. It happens frequently that I will recommend lavender to someone who will tell me that they love lavender, they use it in everything, but looking a little deeper, I'll discover that they're using lavender scented body products which are anything but natural and many of the chemical additives can actually work against you to increase your anxiety. And this is another part of lavender's guidance for us: cut as many toxins and stimulants out of your life as you possibly can because they are overwhelming your system and causing you to have more anxiety. We live in such a toxic world. It is impossible to avoid all stimulants and all chemicals, but even seemingly little changes can have big long term benefits helping us to keep our anxiety down. Switch to natural cleaners where you can - and this doesn't have to be expensive! Some of absolute best natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are actually really inexpensive. Cut down on the stimulants you eat - caffeine is not a friend to anxiety. Find ways to work with lavender and incorporate lavender into your life. Make the small changes that can lower your "anxiety load." And realize that when you are in the present moment, right here, right now, you are safe. Breathe in this space. Stay here as often as you can!

Lavender is one of the essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique which balances your body using essential oils to achieve a state of relaxation and homeostasis. The AromaTouch Technique can be a wonderful reset and allows you to be present moment focused. Book your session today: Book Your Session Here!


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