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Let Go Of The Lie of Fear

Our Divine Download for February 17, 2024 is I Let Go of Fears That Are Stored In My Soul from the Law of Positivism Healing Oracle. You know what fear is? What is stands for? False. Evidence. Appearing Real. or False. Evidence. Against. Reality. Fear is a liar. it doesn't serve us. It holds us hostage and rains on the proverbial parade of our lives. So it's time to let it go. It's time to do whatever we have to do not only to face the fear and do it anyway, but to let go of the fears we inherited through out families of origin which was passed down through our DNA and our genetic cellular memory. The first step in all of this is admitting that we have said fears, that we have any fears. When we call a spade a spade, admitting fear doesn't equate to weakness, it actually equates to strength. We have to call it what it is so that we can explain to our ego that it's actually bullshit. So we have to get in touch with, like the honest, deepest root of, what it is we are actually afraid of. Because it usually isn't what we think it is. And often times things that we project anger about are actually rooted in fear. It's time to be brave and remember that we are divinely protected and connected and that as such, nothing can harm us, not the way that we think, except our own thoughts and our emotions. So let's get rid of some of those big, bad pesky fear-based emotions that have kept us bound for far too long so that we can move forward fearlessly and enjoy the rest of our lives with a little greater freedom and ease.

When it comes to those fears that were passed down through our cellular memory and our ancestral DNA, sometimes the only way to get rid of them is with an energetic cord cutting, cutting the negative attachments relating to those fears and our families of origin. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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