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Let Self Compassion Flow

Our Divine Download for January 16, 2021 is Queen of Water from The Good Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the Queen of Cups, Hearts, Summer, or Archangel Raphael. Our Queen of Water is all about emotion (as is the entire suite of water) and she really wants to encourage us and to help us feel good about ourselves. She wants us to take the generous nature which we show easily share with others and be equally as generous, if not moreso to ourselves. And this isn't always an easy or comfortable thing for us to do because society very much conditions us in other directions. Our Queen of Water offers us some affirmations to help us with this: "I am comfortable in my own skin. I love, cherish, and nurture myself." "I am the best friend to myself. My relationships with others reflect my security in knowing I am always worthy of love and respect." "I heal myself so I can be the change I want to see in the world and so that my compassion can inspire others." We are better able to be compassionate with others and share our hearts and our compassion with the world when we practice self compassion. And, the other piece is that it just *feels* better to be gentle, and loving, and compassionate with ourselves. So much of the harshness and judgement that she show ourselves does not serve us and certainly does not feed our souls and it makes it that much more challenging to be gentle, kind, loving, or compassionate to anyone else, much less the world at large. And, we all know, we've all seen, that the world needs our love, our kindness, and our compassion more now than it ever has. It starts with ourselves. We absolutely reflect outward what is going on inward. The element of water can be very cleansing and very healing in and of itself. So if these concepts feel challenging to you, it may be a sign that you need to interact with water. Drink extra water. Take a sea salt bath. Submerge yourself. Swim. Spend time near the water. Allow your true compassionate nature to flow just like the Queen of Water.

When we have not been in the habit of practicing self compassion or allowing the flow of self care in our lives it can feel challenging to do this because all of the energies of all of those times when we were not compassionate with ourselves or we denied ourselves self care can settle into our energetic and physical bodies causing dis-ease. Balance, cleanse, and clear your physical and energetic body with some Reiki self care! Book your Session Here!

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