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Light Up Your Magic

Our Divine Download for August 26, 2021 is Seraphim Seraphiel from the Archangel Oracle Cards with the message "Tune into divine will. Open to higher illumination." It's time for us to reach higher spiritual heights and illumination. It's time for us to soar. It's time to get rid of any earthly limiting beliefs and to tap into and tune into the will of the divine. The true magic and the real sparkle of the universe exists within the divine. We are meant to experience this magic, we're meant to live our lives in beautiful, magical techni-color, not in the black and white constraints. Are you willing to embrace the magic? Can you afford to continue to deny yourself this magical experience and existence? What does it mean for you to tune into the divine? How do you connect? Where can you bring more light into your life? How can you help others experience more light? We are surrounded by Seaphim Angels, including Seaphim Seraphiel who will help us with all of these things. All we have to do is ask. So much of the magic of the universe, and the will of the divine is accessible to us simply by being open to it. Can you be open? More open? Can you open yourself up completely to the will of the divine and the magic of the universe? Start today by being willing to notice the magic that is truly all around you. The sun rose this morning and will set tonight. Magical. The wind blows. Birds fly. Magical. Notice the morning dew drops on the flowers, the formations of clouds, the colors of the sunset. Challenge yourself to see just how many magical things that you can notice today. Connect yourself to the will of the divine in this way. Take this communion. And prepare for even greater magic and even more light to take flight in your life.

Our Angels are experts at helping us connect with our own magic and the magic of the universe and allowing us to recognize divine will. They'll do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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