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Listen to Your Heart for Prosperity

Our Divine Download for March 26, 2021 is Rochelle from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards with the message "As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now." What does you heart want? What does your heart say? How does your heart guide you? It's important for us to quiet our minds right now and turn inward just enough to truly listen to our hearts. Our hearts can be quieter, more subtle than our big, bold, loud egos. But our hearts are connected to us in a more intimate and accurate way and will guide us to what we truly desire and where we truly want to be. Learning to listen is sometimes half the battle! Those quiet moments spend in meditation are a wonderful time to settle in and have a heart-to-heart with your heart. It can be truly eye-opening and quite affirming to ask your heart "what do you want right now?" and "what do you need right now?" You can even ask "what do you need me to do right now to support you?" and "what do I need to do in order to achieve prosperity?" Whoa. Now that's an empowering question! Once you've established this dialogue with your heart, actually following it is the next important step. Your heart connects more directly to the divine, without the filters of ego and contemplative thought, so your heart is better able to move you forward from that place of accurate connection. But, just like the guidance we receive from source, it sometimes doesn't make sense initially and sometimes our ego gets in there and creates some "but I don't wanna" type friction. And that's okay. They key is to face the "I don't wanna's" and do it anyway! Especially when the doing is for the sake of prosperity! How do you define prosperity? The clearer you can get on your definition of prosperity, the faster your heart will be able to whisper meaningful action steps which will allow you to achieve it. Sometimes we have very antiquated and secular definitions of what it looks like to be prosperous. Prosperity is truly something which can only be defined and experienced by each individual. What prosperity looks like to one person is likely very, very different than what it looks like to the next. So invest in clarifying your definition of what prosperity means to you. Then tune in and listen to your heart and it's guidance. Because when you do, prosperity is coming to you NOW!

Prosperity can go hand in hand with abundance and we can have energetic blocks to our prosperity in the same way that we experience energetic blocks to our abundance. Clear away those energetic blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Session! Book your session here: Book Your Session!

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