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Live Your Life On Purpose

Our Divine Download for September 6, 2022 is Purpose from the Angelic Messenger Cards. The present challenge that the card of Purpose brings us is that of discovering our means of service and living it unconditionally. When was the last time that you gave any time or any attention to your purpose? Are you living with a sense of purpose? So many people these days are just going through the motions, numb to the idea that they are here for anything beyond their j.o.b. or accumulating money and possessions. When you are living out of alignment with your purpose, you are not living, you are merely existing. You begin to discover your purpose and to connect or reconnect with your purpose by focusing on your inner nature and intentionally connecting to that space. The more connected you are within, the more your purpose will exist outside of yourself. Purpose can also speak to being intentional with your thoughts and actions. How many times have we heard little kids say "I didn't do it on purpose!" or even "I didn't mean to!" But we are no longer children and have hopefully developed something at least resembling impulse control, so that really doesn't fly anymore. Especially not in the spiritual world. We have an assignment now more than ever to act mindfully, in a connected and purposeful way. Everything we do should be done with intention, "on purpose" with the purpose of achieving a specific result. Be purposeful in your living, purposeful in your doing, purposeful in your speaking, purposeful in your thinking, and especially purposeful in your connection to yourself. Live your life out loud, on purpose!

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