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Look At What You Believe

Our Divine Download for October 16, 2021 is Believe from The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck. Believe has always been one of my very favorite words. Because when you choose to believe, you are opening yourself up to unlimited possibilities and the potential to experience all of the magic of the universe. Of course, it is also true that when you buy into limiting beliefs, you are also constricting yourself and closing yourself off to your full potential. This card comes up for us because we are being guided to examine what it is that we do believe, and why. Sometimes we believe things because our family of origin, those who came before us, believed those same things, and these types of beliefs tend to get passed down through families in the same manner that heirlooms do. But, just like your great uncle's prized ash tray may not really go with the aesthetic of your living room or be in line with your personal taste, it is also true that the beliefs of your family may not be 100% in line with who you are today. Belief is personal and as stated on this card works through your soul. You're not rejecting anyone when someone else's belief does not work for you, you're simply honoring the path, the calling, and the knowing of your own soul. Sometimes our beliefs come from what others have always told us, but in these cases, are those really truly *our* beliefs? More likely than not they are simply a reflection of what others believed about us, which is more accurately actually a temperature gauge for what they believe about themselves. Your spiritual, emotional, mental, and sometimes even your physical well-being, as well as your present and future relationships, and your career or work can all be affected by the past conditioning of what you believe. Isn't it time to figure out exactly what it is that you do and don't believe and where they may have been some inaccuracies in the beliefs that you have bought into and carried around? Your soul knows what