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Look Towards Your Most Optimistic Future

Our Divine Download for June 16, 2022 is Future from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "It is exciting to do something new. So embrace new adventures. Leap with focus and enthusiasm into your future. Jewels of synchronicity and stepping stones will appear for you, and your adventure will be rewarding." We don't always need to know exactly what the future will hold (though we certainly like to and we definitely think that we do!) This card is a message that we simply need to embrace our future as being fraught with wonderful potential and know that it will absolutely be fantastic. My mentor used to say that every day is a fabulous adventure and it absolutely can be, if we simply decide that it is so. How much adventure will you allow yourself to experience in your future? When you look forward with delicious anticipation and excitement, the energies of the future cannot help but rise up and meet you in that space. When you are willing to move forward without the insistence of knowing every little detail to come, the details unfold in a beautiful way and you bring greater ease and flow into your life and your future. You are safe, your are divinely protected, and you are meant to live in joy. That goes for now and for later. Set your intentions for the future and be willing to accept the even better that the universe brings you. When you look towards the future with anticipation and excitement rather than dread, the universe will pave the path for you to get to where you never thought you good go in your best and wildest dreams. It's onward and upward baby!

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