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Loosen Your Grip On Prosperity To Truly Prosper

Our Divine Download for August 24, 2023 is Prosperity from the Zen Cards with the message "Prosperity is not in what you have attained, but rather in what you GIVE away...for it is only when you BECOME empty that you can be filled with something greater." This isn't a message for you to give away everything that you have in the erroneous believe that by doing so you will be filled with greater and better things than you had before, and even more of them. Rather, this is a message to redefine how you look at and relate to prosperity. We often look at prosperity and abundance as things to be gathered, acquired, obtained. But this is telling us that true prosperity occurs essentially through sharing. Prosperity is when we develop a "don't worry about it" attitude with our abundance, prosperity, property, and our money. I don't mean to say that we have a careless of flippant attitude, but maybe instead of insisting that the bill at a restaurant be figured out to the penny, we can just split it down the middle regardless of who ordered what. Or maybe we can get it this time, and they'll get it next time (or vice versa). When we hold on too tightly to our prosperity and refuse to share or give any of it away, it doesn't leave us any room or the physical ability to obtain more prosperity. When we loosen our grip, and maybe let go a little, now we have space and flexibility and aren't facing the same physical restrictions as when we hold on so tightly. Prosperity is much more a state of mind than a physical, material, or monetary state of affairs. How is your prosperous state doing in your mind? If it's not where or how you want it to be, whatcha going to do about that?

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