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Love All Unconditionally

Our Divine Download for May 9, 2023 is Isolt/Undying Love from The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. The Beatles said it best when they sang "All You Need is Love." #truth But, if we're really being honest, how much love to we experience on a regular basis? Most of us do not receive the love that we need to maintain, much less the love that we need to grow or thrive. This is a message from the universe, from the Goddess Isolt herself, that we are surrounded by unconditional and undying love at every single moment of our lives. If we can just tap into it, if we can figure out a way to tune into it, and to turn it up in our lives, we will also be able to tap into and turn up other sources of pure love in our lives. The problem with love in our society is that we have bastardized it to such an extent that finding unconditional love is rare. Finding pure expressions of love is rare. We have long abandoned the habit of telling people that we love them (outside of our partners and some members of our families, some friends) because of the strings that sentiment just become to intertwined and we don't want to risk becoming enmeshed to that extent with others. But you know what? That's bullshit. And it's an excuse. It's okay to just tell people that you love them. That you love them with no strings. That you love them with no expectations that they say it back or even love you back in return. That you love them purely and simply just because of who they are and that they exist. Just like it's okay to tell members of our families or our friend groups that we love them, even when we might not care very much for their current choices or actions. Let's lose the strings. Let's lean into love. It's undying. It should be unconditional. And it's absolutely all we need.

Our Angels know how love starved we are regardless of relationship status and will gladly fill our proverbial cups til the love runneth over during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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