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Magnify Your Manifestations

Our Divine Download for Sunday April 26, 2020 is Magnify Your Intentions/Baby's Breath from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. This is putting us on notice that we have been under selling our own potential. We've been thinking too small! Whatever it is that we want, whatever me intend to manifest, any and all intentions that we have right now, it's time to magnify them. Heck, it's time to blow them UP! But, you need to blow up those intentions one at a time;) Choose one

thing, one intention, one area of focus, and hone in. Focus with laser point precision and while you focus, ask yourself "how can I manifest more here?" Focus and allow the guidance of magnification to come in for you. Be open to receiving it. Be willing to act on it. And once you've expanded beyond your imagined horizons in that area, move on to the next intention and do the exact same things. Value yourself enough to be willing to admit that you want more. Honor yourself enough to we willing to work harder and smarter. Love yourself enough to be willing to receive the full unadulterated abundance of the Universe. We just need to be clear that we can in fact receive the full unadulterated abundance of the Universe one intention at a time (it's sort of like eating one course at a time at a fancy dinner.) It becomes easier to hone in on how to grow and expand your manifestations through your intentions when you aren't distracted and spread out by so very many different things and intentions. You can have it all. But you absolutely don't have to do it all at once!

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