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Make Room For Your Blessings

Our Divine Download for November 24, 2021 is Clear Your Space from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Archangle Jophiel say "Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you, and use Feng Shui." Oh boy, never anyone's favorite topic, but yeppers, the clutter has got to go. And it's got to go NOW. Not just the physical clutter, but the spiritual clutter, the energetic clutter, the mental clutter, the emotional clutter. Really, just ALL of the clutter. Why?! Why does the clutter have to go?! Why does the clutter have to go now?! Because it is blocking our blessings from coming in! And that's a pretty big deal. Good things, great things, wonderful things, amazing things, they're all coming to us right now. Like literally right at this very moment in time. BUT (and this is a pretty big but...) those blessings MUST have a place to land. This is an absolute. Do blessings have a physical space to land in your life? What about spiritual blessings, do those have a space to land? How about mentally and emotionally, is their space for those blessings to land? What about energetically? It's time to make space. If you do not feel blessed, truly bless, by something that is taking up space in your life, regardless of what category that space is in, it is time to clear that clutter. This is a season when we are focused on our blessings, on gratitude, thankfulness, and also sharing the blessings that we do have with others. Imagine how many people you can potentially bless by clearing the different types of clutter out of your life. Imagine how much you can bless yourself and your family by clearing some of the less tangible types of clutter from your life. It doesn't all have to be done today, and it doesn't have to be extreme, but it does need to get done to allow your true blessings to come in for you. Archangel Jophiel is here to support you in every way that you may need. Call on her for her assistance and support.

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