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Make Your Magical Wishes

Our Divine Download for June 13, 2023 is Make a Wish from the Magical Messages From The Mermaids Oracle Cards with the message "This is a magical moment. Make a wish and enjoy its manifestation." Well alrighty then! Wishes are so very, very important. (And we often - usually? - forget to even make them.) Wishes, prayer, however you make your asks of the universe, your heavenly helpers, etc. are how we tell the universe what it is that we want and desire. Without wishing, we're essentially running the risk of eating off of an energetic buffet regardless of our personal tastes or allergies. When we go out to eat, we are SUPER specific when we place the orders for our meals. We want it cooked like this, plus this, without that, a side of that, substitute this, etc. If we're that specific about our food at a restaurant, why wouldn't we be that specific when we're putting our order into the universe? That's exactly what we're doing when we're making wishes! They key about wishing is that when you wish, you always want to wish for what you're asking for, or something even better. Because who are we to limit the universe with our mere mortal minds that cannot often even begin to conceive of the greatness available to us?! We should be making wishes every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Wishing is also a fun way to interact with and play with the universe and your guides and can be a great way to see the tangible timeline for the manifestations of your wishes into fruition. So, starting today, and each and everyday there after, make those wishes! Order up!

We can get really obsessive about HOW to wish and think that we're sabotaging ourselves and doing something wrong, which then causes us to skip wishing all together. Our Angels will gladly give us a crash course in Wishing 101 during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and help us move our wishes along towards manifestation. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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