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Manage Your Busy

Our Divine Download for May 4, 2021 is Calcite/Busy Times and Multitasking from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards with the message "Take charge of your schedule during this busy time, and honestly assess your underlying reasons for being busy." With the ebb and flow of life, sometimes thing flow a bit more than they ebb. Sometimes you could even say that they gush. This is an energetically busy time where much is going on, even if it is not all going on at the visible surface level. When it comes to multitasking and prioritizing your schedule, it's all you baby. You get to take charge and you get to decide what gets done when and what gets prioritized in what order. For some this feeling of control is affirming and they thrive with these dynamics, where others shirk and shrink away from any situation in which they have to be in control, even within their own lives. Even if this is challenging for you, it's time for you to be the boss of your own schedule right now. As for the busy-ness, we're also being tasked with examining WHY we are so darned busy. Is it simply poor planning and perhaps overlapping cycles that have led to many things happening at once or needing to be addressed at the same time? Or, did you maybe intentionally set it up to play out in this manner, even on a subconscious level? What do you gain by being busy? Is it that you feel needed, valued, important when you're busy? (Why do you not feel needed, valued, and important when you are not as busy?!) Does being busy provide you with the necessary distraction or excuse to keep you from looking at other things in your life, or even moving forward in certain areas of your life? Most people usually do not do things, and usually do not participate in dynamics unless there is a benefit to them. So honestly ask yourself what is the benefit to your being busy? Be willing to take an honest look at if this is the best way to manage your life and serve yourself. Make sure that you are prioritizing self care and quiet, peaceful moments even amidst the busy. See which changes you can make to achieve a better balance in the future.

Busy times may preclude you having the time for a full hour long, or even a half hour session, but One Question Channeled Readings are always available and all you have to do is simply ask your question! Then I go to work, connect with your guides, and bring through their answer to your question. This service is busy times and busy people friendly. Ask Your One Question Today: Ask Your Question!


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