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Mindfully Choose to Engage Or Disengage

Our Divine Download for November 1, 2022 is Five of Imps from The Halloween Tarot. The Five of Imps would be the five of wands, five of fire, five of spring, and five of Archangel Gabriel in other tarot interpretations. The Five of Imps is a card of conflict, a card of competition, a card of different values, and a card of pesky, and bothersome details. When it comes to conflict, we overlook or tend to forget just how much power we have when it comes to our ability not to engage. Just because someone wants to lock swords or wands with us does not mean that we are required to meet them in that space. If we do not pick up our sword or our wand, and simply take a step back, they will swing and swing and swing, and will only succeed in moving the air around us and hopefully tiring themselves out. Before you choose to engage in a conflict, ask yourself if it is really worth investing your energy in. Chances are it is not. How often do people not even know what they are fighting for or what the origin of a conflict is? Why would we choose to invest our precious time and energy in something that we do not understand or might not even be ours? In the same way, we choose each and every moment of every day how much energy we wish to give the annoyances that will inevitably present themselves to us as we deal with the details of our lives. The world isn't perfect and things will not always go smoothly. We cannot control everything, but we can always control our reaction to the circumstances of the situations in which we find ourselves. This is a card that cautions us to be mindfully connected to our actions and against being reactionary.

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01 nov 2022

This was a perfect card for myself in this day .. Thank you

Me gusta
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