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Mindfully Focus On And Connect With Your Breath

Our Divine Download for January 23, 2023 is Just Breathe from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart. In other Tarot interpretations this would be the four of air, four of swords, four of winter, or four of Archangel Michael. This suite is all about cerebral or mental energy, which can be about our thinking, our over thinking, even our stinkin' thinking. Our guidance with this card is to just breathe. Relax. Meditation. Rest. Focus on rebuilding, restoring, and rejuvenating yourself. Focus on breathing through the challenges that are circulating in your mental space. Breathe out the thoughts that aren't serving you. Breathe out the emotions that don't feel good to you. Breathe out anything that is taking up space within you that doesn't serve you or that you don't deserve. Our breath is one of the biggest tools that we have. It is always with us, and it always works. We are always breathing, whether or not we are aware of that, but we can always breathe bigger and deeper, if we are mindful about our connection with our breath. We tend to clench up and hold our breath during times of stress, and especially during those times where we are over thinking and stuck in cycles of stinkin' thinking, which is exactly when we need to be focusing on breathing deeply the most. So right now, wherever you are, take a big, deep, full, demonstrative cleansing breath and blow away anything that is no longer serving you, anything that you do not like, anything that doesn't feel good to you, and anything that you don't need. There, doesn't that feel just a tiny bit better?! So, your guidance here is simply: more of that!

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