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Move Forward in Triumph

Our Divine Download for May 18, 2021 is Triumphant!/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Guess what? You did it! You won! You made it! You've graduated from the challenges and the situation at hand! Phew!! This particular victory, this particular triumph, is one that has been a long time in coming. This particular battle may have been hard fought. It may seem like it was never going to end, as though there could be no resolution, much less winning, much much less YOU winning. But you have won. You are triumphant. You are! Even if you are too exhausted to feel it right now, you are in fact triumphant. If you have not yet seen the tangible evidence of your win, know that it is coming to you, it is here! Make sure that you take the time to process the feelings associated with your triumph. It may not just be that you feel elated, or you feel ready and buoyed to ride into your next battle, sometimes when things have been so hard fought for so long, when we finally experience our triumph, it can feel confusing or disorienting because there is now a void where the battle had previously take up so much space. Very few things in life are static. Very few things in life are simply one sided. How will you celebrate your triumph? How will you prepare to move victoriously into whatever comes next? Have you been blocking your triumph by not believing that it is possible? Have you been blocking your triumph by being overly committed to the idea that it has to look one particular way? This triumph is going to propel your forward in your life in beautiful synchronistic ways that you never before dreamed possible. This triumph is going to allow your heart and your soul to take flight. This triumph will cause you to stretch and grow in new and different ways. This triumph prepares you for the next chapter of your life which will contain even more and even greater triumphs. This triumph is what you've been waiting for. It's here. Enjoy. Go forth and be triumphant!

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