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Move With Connection & Determination

Our Divine Download for March 6, 2023 is Navigate Life with Determination from The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards. Red Salmon tells us to quit griping and get going. Salmon know a thing or two about perseverance, tenacity, and determination given that they swim thousands of miles despite the dangers of predators and even waterfalls, and just when at her weakest point, the route turns mostly upstream. Salmon is one of the finest navigators and can always find her way home. She will help you search the depths of your own subconscious to discover the energy and determination to get to your soul's destination. Call on Salmon to help you navigate life with determination, meaning, and purpose. The Salmon of Knowledge is ultimately spiritually what we're all fishing for, and this type of knowledge is only gained by moving meaningfully forward and transcending those times in our lives when we are exhausted from seemingly swimming only upstream and against the current. Salmon navigates her vast and endless journey steering by starlight and the subtle pull of the magnetic fields of the Earth. In this way she also reminds us to be guided as above and so below, allowing ourselves to be connected to and guided by the heavens and the Earth because in doing so we will be following the true compass of our soul and it's calling.

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