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Navigate Your Darkness

Our Divine Download for August 28, 2020 is Consciousness/Dark Thoughts from the Quantum Oracle. The Dark Thoughts card takes us beyond just negative thinking or thought patterns and invites us to investigate the shadows of the mind. Dark shadows can be problematic in both your inner and your outer life. Is this card a sign for you that you've been drawn into questionable activities or untrustworthy people? Investigate and examine your choices. All of your choices. Turn to your intuition where you may doubt that your thoughts, or the darkness of others or certain situations may have lead your thoughts astray. Your intuition will alert you as to whether or not your endeavors and your relationships truly resonate with your heart center. Dark thoughts can lead to twisting patterns of negative thinking which can in turn lead to unhealthy habits that infiltrate your daily life without much awareness. Even if worrying and escapist behaviors have been lifelong patterns in this lifetime, it is time for you to raise your awareness, raise your vibration, and take control now. Manage your negative thoughts in the same way you would manage any other undesirable behavior in your life and replace them with healthier habits and better ways of being which support overall health of body, mind, and spirit. Whatever you do, mind your thoughts and do not let yourself go down the deeper dark alleys of worry, fear, and self doubt. Your life force vibrates with your daily energy and you have the ability to decide which direction it takes and at which level you choose for your energy to vibrate. Your thoughts will absolutely influence your overall energy level each day and your general vibration. This card heralds a time of greater light and increased clarity for you. Especially when you have been through dark times and felt trapped in the labyrinth of your own dark thoughts which formed in unchecked reactionary response to your tough circumstances, this is a sign for you that things will be going a lot more smoothly from now on and that troubling times are coming to an end. You can usher in these better, brighter experiences through trust and mindful awareness and directed positive thinking. You can also affirm "I consciously choose to release unhealthy thoughts or behaviors. I am always strong enough to make choices that honor me."

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